The DHI method involves the direct implantation of hair follicles into the balding area using a specialized tool called the Choi Pen. The pre-made channels in the recipient area allow for a faster implantation process.

DHI method has some distinctive features compared to other hair transplantation techniques. Here are some characteristics of the DHI method:

  1. Choi Pen: The DHI method utilizes a specialized tool called the Choi Pen. It is equipped with a fine tip that is used to extract and implant hair follicles directly into the recipient area.
  2. Natural Hairline: Since the DHI method involves the individual implantation of hair follicles, it allows for a more precise placement, resulting in a natural hairline. The natural angle and direction of the transplanted hair contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing and realistic appearance.
  3. Insufficient Donor Areas: DHI method can be preferred in individuals with limited hair follicles in the donor area. Since the extraction and implantation are done consecutively, there is no need for the extracted hair follicles to be kept outside for a long time. Thus, it may be possible to use a higher number of hair follicles even in cases with limited donor areas.
  4. Faster Recovery Time: DHI method is less invasive, resulting in a shorter recovery time. The healing process in the recipient area is faster, allowing individuals to resume their normal activities more quickly.

DHI method is a preferred option due to its faster implantation process and natural-looking results. However, it is important to consult with an expert to determine the most suitable hair transplantation method for each individual, considering their hair condition, the extent of hair loss, and their expectations.”

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