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Lets Transform Healthcare Together, Join Our Team

The partnership between Meca General Hospital and our volunteers began in 1966 when an inaugural meeting was held and 500 volunteers were recruited from the community to support our soon to be built hospital.

Today, our volunteer program has three unique streams, each making a world of difference for our patients, residents, and their families.

Service Volunteers

Service volunteers share their time and talent, delivering compassionate and respectful service to our patients, residents, and their families across the hospital's various sites.

  • Assist with patient and families finding their way around the facility/clinics at the General site
  • Assist with our activation program at Seniors' Health Centre
  • Market-based compensation

Instant Video Consultation

Connect within 60 secs with our medical expert of Hospa General Hospital.


24/7 Medicines

Essentials at your doorstep anytime in emergency situation.


Accurate Lab Tests

Sample pickup at your home & give 99.8% accuracy in results.