Op. Dr. Mehmet Durmuş Kurt

General Surgery Specialist

Who is Mehmet Durmus Kurt?

Born in Kilis Doctor Mehmet Durmuş Kurt, He completed his primary and secondary education here.


Graduated from the University Kayseri Erciyes Faculty of  Medicine


Doctor Mehmet Durmuş Kurt Specialization Taksim First Aid Training and Research Hospital  ’’General Surgery ’branch. Compulsory in Sivas Numune Hospital in 2001 He served as General Surgery Specialist.

Doctor Kurt started to work as General Surgery Specialist at Beykoz State Hospital in 2002 and this For reason, he made a definite return to Istanbul. After working in different state and training research hospitals for a certain period of time, Doctor Kurt now He continues to accept patients in his own clinic in Istanbul.

Surgery given by Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Having endoscopic work certificate in the endoscopy department, Doctor Kurt, He has been performing Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy since 2005.

Breast Cancer in Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty  C Service Working in the field of treatment, Doctor Kurt, local anesthesia He used Laser and Rafeelo methods.

Afterwards, for hemorrhoids treatment, he developed the method called “the MDK method”. With this method, there is no surgery, no anesthesia and the duration is app. 15-minute. He is helping many hemorrhoid patients to regain their health with a single procedure.

Main Operations

  • Obesity Surgery,
  • Metabolic Surgery,
  • Anal Fissure,
  • Anal Fistula,
  • Goiter,
  • Colon Cancer,
  • Breast Diseases,
  • Gallbladder,
  • Hernia Surgery

In addition to all these areas, also in the field of Medical Aesthetics.

  • Botox,
  • Filler,
  • PRP,
  • Rope Suspension,
  • Mesotherapy,

It also provides services in the fields of Varicose Veins Treatment and Ben & Wart treatments.


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