Somatom Force CT

Somatom Force is a CT (computed tomography) scanner manufactured by Siemens Healthineers. It is a high-end scanner designed to deliver fast and accurate imaging results while minimizing radiation exposure to the patient.

Somatom Force uses two advanced technologies, namely Dual Source CT and Vectron X-ray tube, to achieve its high performance. Dual Source CT uses two X-ray sources and two detectors to produce high-resolution images at faster scan times. Vectron X-ray tube is a high-powered tube that produces a strong X-ray beam, which allows for faster scan times and lower radiation doses.

Somatom Force is particularly suited for cardiovascular imaging and emergency cases, as it can perform a full chest scan in just one second, a cardiac CT scan in just 0.25 seconds, and a stroke CT scan in just 10 seconds. The scanner also features advanced image reconstruction algorithms and software that enable high-quality 3D and 4D imaging, as well as image-guided interventions. Somatom Force is widely used in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers around the world for a range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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